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I realize it has been a little while since I posted here, but it’s mostly because I have been trying to figure out how and when to write this article.

In mid-September I resigned from my position as Digital Strategy Manager at Breakaway, where I had worked for the previous year and nine months. The decision was by no means easy. I am incredibly thankful for my time there, and I learned more than I could have imagined when I accepted the role just under two years ago. The opportunity to be exposed to such a smart group of coworkers, partners, and clients is one that I am incredibly fortunate to have had so early in my career, and it undoubtedly contributed to my personal and professional growth.

So, why did I resign from my position at Breakaway? A few weeks ago I accepted an offer to join Fenway Sports Management as Manager, Digital Strategy and Partnership Development. This is a new role at the organization, and developing it is going to require a lot of work. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to build something from the ground up and make an impact across the company. Not to mention, working with FSM’s portfolio of blue chip brands and partners will be an incredible experience.

I am ecstatic to officially join the team on Monday morning, and I can’t wait to get started.

It’s safe to say things are going to get pretty quiet here on The Bern Blog for a little while, anyway. Once I have settled in I am sure I will have countless new topics to write (complain) about. Until then…

MealPass Review: A One Week Trial in Boston

MealPass Review - A One Week Trial

If you haven’t heard about MealPass yet, check this out. From the founders of the popular ClassPass fitness network, MealPass is a subscription meal service designed for people who work and eat lunch in Boston. For $99 a month MealPass offers lunch every weekday from a choice of over 50 restaurants in the Financial District, Downtown and as of March 14th, in Back Bay.

With the new options in Back Bay, where Breakaway is located, I began to seriously consider signing up. Still, I had a few reservations. Would there be enough variety with each restaurant only offering a single choice each day? Would I have the ability to customize the meals at all? The MealPass website doesn’t offer up any of this information without creating (and paying for) an account, which initially gave me pause.

Then last month my colleague Diana, a MealPass subscriber and extremely vocal advocate, hooked me up with a free week trial and I jumped at the chance to try it risk-free. Here’s how it went.

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Your Instagram & Twitter News Feeds Are Changing

instagram twitter algorithm changes

You may have noticed that your Instagram and Twitter feeds changed slightly over the course of the last week. Although visually the format has remained the same, many users are now seeing posts appear out of “order” as the platforms make a shift from showing content chronologically to displaying content you are likely to find most engaging. In addition to a modified experience for everyday users, the change to an algorithm-based news feed has major implications for brands and influencers.

Not sure what that means? Let me break it down for you.

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What It’s Like To Book an Uber via Facebook

booking an uber with facebook messenger

Back in January I decided to do some first-hand research on the Uber booking experience through Facebook’s Messenger app. As someone who does not use the app on a regular basis, it was a new, and interesting experience. Head over to the Breakaway blog to see how it went.

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Visions of The Future – Awesome Travel Posters from NASA’s JPL Team

NASA JPL - Visions of The Future

Although we still can’t quite vacation on other planets, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a collection of travel posters that makes it feel a little bit more like a possibility. On their official website the JPL team is offering 14 retro-inspired travel posters advertising futuristic destinations across the galaxy in a collection they are calling Visions of the Future.

There are some really cool designs and NASA is offering free hi-res files to print for you own use. I also picked a few of my favorites and cropped them for use on my iPhone 6 lock screen. If you want to check them out you can grab them via the button below.

Download Backgrounds

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