What It’s Like To Book an Uber via Facebook

booking an uber with facebook messenger

Back in January I decided to do some first-hand research on the Uber booking experience through Facebook’s Messenger app. As someone who does not use the app on a regular basis, it was a new, and interesting experience. Head over to the Breakaway blog to see how it went.

Read it @ Breakaway

Visions of The Future – Awesome Travel Posters from NASA’s JPL Team

NASA JPL - Visions of The Future

Although we still can’t quite vacation on other planets, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a collection of travel posters that makes it feel a little bit more like a possibility. On their official website the JPL team is offering 14 retro-inspired travel posters advertising futuristic destinations across the galaxy in a collection they are calling Visions of the Future.

There are some really cool designs and NASA is offering free hi-res files to print for you own use. I also picked a few of my favorites and cropped them for use on my iPhone 6 lock screen. If you want to check them out you can grab them via the button below.

Download Backgrounds

Video Test Post

I created this post to test out a responsive video plugin to ensure that embedded videos appear properly regardless of the web browser window size. It seems to be working well. I decided to leave the post so you can get a look at the video of my father crashing an ATV on a trip to the Dominican Republic some years ago.

Thankfully he turned out to be okay, so this video can be enjoyed guilt-free. Sorta.

Love you pops.

The First Blog Post


I started working on this blog in February 2016 as a sandbox of sorts to learn a bit more about HTML and CSS. This explains why the code supporting the front end of this WordPress-based blog is a mess. Visually this blog is going to be a work-in-progress, and based on how long it took me to decide on fonts and colors (or a lack-thereof), you can bet things will be changing frequently.

In addition to learning some new tricks and experimenting with web development I find writing about the things I enjoy (and the things I despise) to be therapeutic. Who would have thought? As I stash more of my thoughts on this blog you can be pretty sure my always-supportive wife, Katie, will enjoy a break from listening to me talk too.

You could say this is a peek into the way I think and operate and well as the things that keep me moving in life. It will probably end up being more revealing than I am prepared for, but here we go…

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